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Telecom Translation Services

Telecommunications is one of the most vital components of your business. Without a reliable telecommunications system, your business would never succeed. If you are expanding your business overseas, you need to implement your telecommunications system to different offices worldwide. Upgrading or implementing a new telecommunications system would be very difficult if you are in a foreign country. You need your presentations, instructional manuals and technical documents to be localized or translated into their language. Intercombase is here to provide you with accurate and top quality telecom translation services. 
We translate documents and websites about Broadcasting, Telegraph and Telephone, Radio and Television, Satellite, Computer Networks, Internet, Optical Fiber, Transmitters, Receivers, Wired Communication, Wireless Communication, and more!
  • Engineering Materials & and Engineering Design
  • Engineering Software & Applications 
  • Analogue Communication
  • Digital Communication
  • Signals & Linear Systems and Power Systems
  • Control Engineering
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Computer Architecture
  • Microprocessor Systems & Embedded Software
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Antenna & Propagation
  • Modern Communication Systems
  • Optical Communication & Networks
  • VLSI Design,
  • Analogue Integrated Circuits & Systems
  • Microwave & RF Communication
  • Satellite & Mobile Communication

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We translate Telecom documents

Our telecom translation teams are all native speakers with a wide background and experience in the telecommunications industry. Since we employ translators who are native speakers, they know the customs and behavior of your target audience. Our telecom translators can choose the right phrases or words that could really make your audience read your documents. Our translators also have many years of experience in telecommunications, which ensures that they know every technical terminology that needs to be translated. We also have subject matter experts and industrial experts who can help our telecom translators with topics that are too technical.

Telecom Translations for Your business!

We also translate other telecommunication documents such as training manuals, proposals and quotes, technical bulletins and brochures for marketing and advertising. Whether your telecommunication documents include drawings and diagrams, our professional telecom translators are very capable of handling all your technical projects. 

Our Telecom Translators

Languages we translate

We can translate over 40 different languages. Our areas of expertise are major European languages and Asian languages such as:

English to Spanish and Spanish to English
·         English to German and German to English
·         English to Russian and Russian to English
·         English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English
·         English to Dutch and Dutch to English
·         English to Polish and Polish to English
·         English to Chinese and Chinese to English
·         English to Japanese and Japanese to English

and  a whole lot more

Faster turnaround time

Technical documents and presentations are quitenecessary when establishing business or contacts overseas. Intercombase knows the importance of these documents, and this is the reason why we always do our best to finish all projects on time. We have a smoother workflow system that we follow from the moment we receive the project from our clients. We do not waste any time in handling your projects because we prioritize faster turnaround time without any mistakes or errors. Our telecom translation team also uses cutting-edge tools and software to make their jobs faster and more accurate. 

Better quality assurance

All our projects undergo strict quality assurance check. Our telecom translation service is at par with international quality standards since we are in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038. This ensures that we follow world-class standards to ensure that all our output is perfect and we always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.