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Medical Translation Services

We understand that translation of medical documents may be more challenging than translation of any other documents. This is due to the highly technical nature of the terms used in the medical industry. Accurate medical translation is our business, because we believe that precision, like any medical procedure is of utmost importance. We recognize that mistranslation of documents can lead to company losses as well.

We translate documents and websites about Healthcare, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia or Emergency Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Science, Bioengineering, Cancer Biology, Neurology and Neurological Sciences, and more!

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Intercombase Translation Services
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  • Biotechnology & Biochemistry
  • Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry & Medical Genetics
  • Applied Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Infection & Immunity
  • Cardiovascular, Renal and Respiratory Biology
  • Cellular Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Microbiology & Immunology
  • Dermatology
  • Neurobiology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Urology
and more!

We can translate anything from:

·         Case reports
·         Clinical protocols
·         Clinical Research Translations
·         Drug labels
·         Drug information inserts
·         Localization and Internationalization of software
·         Medical Conference Outputs
·         Medical and physician manuals
·         Medical Handbooks
·         Medical Research
·         Patient handbooks
·         Patient information
·         Patient reports
·         Pharmacology Translations
·         Public Health Materials
·         Website content
·         User guides for medical equipment.

We translate Medical documents!

Medical Translation
We offer a wide array of medical translation services in the area of  medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, toxicology and medical device to name a few. Our clients and other healthcare industries go to us because we properly attribute and interpret all of your documents in a manner that is in keeping with the medical jargon.

Medical Translations for Your business!

Our Translator Team
Clients have come to rely on our team of medical experts for even the most intricate and challenging medical translations. You can rely on our medical translation team to deliver the most accurate and medical interpretation and translation of all your documents. Our team of experts is also able to interpret medical vocabulary. Our team is composed of linguists and medical practitioners in most of the areas of medicine, pharmacy, clinical aspects and hospital management. 

The major languages that we can translate includes, but not limited to:

English to Russian and Russian to English
·         English to French and French to English
·         English to German and German to English
·         English to Italian and Italian to English
·         English to Spanish and Spanish to English
·         English to Chinese and Chinese to English

And a whole lot more

We also recognize that you have clients and medical interfaces across the globe, and thus our medical translation service can come in multilingual forms. 

You can rely on Intercombase to do the entire job for you, and if you want to have them verified, we can offer services that allow your document to be certified from medical experts. 
Turnaround Time
We recognize that medical information is vital and so we deliver all your documents on time. The time frame for all your documents largely depends on the quantity, length and complexity of the work. We believe that a rushed job may be open to translation mistakes and so we take every document with utmost care.
World Class Service
Our company and translators are certified internationally by credible translation organizations that provide credence for the quality of our work. We have successfully formed partnerships with big companies who trust us to complete medical and health related documents for them. We have developed a quality assurance program for all medical documents so that it only meets international standard compliances. Send us your documents and we will handle the job so that you are productive enough to do other tasks connected to the medical industry.
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