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Translation Services in Canada English to French


Professional Translation Services in Toronto and Ottawa


Do you need Professional Translation Services in Toronto or Ottawa or any other city or town in Canada?

Are you looking for Translation Company for handling your international business projects or for just translating a small brochure or a one-page document?


Translation Services in Canada


Intercombase is your global language translation solution


Intercombase is your one-stop solution for all your global communication needs!

We Translate Documents, Websites, and Videos from English into French and from French to English at best market price and with fast turnaround times!


French Translation Services for your working with international Clients


Free Translation 300 words


You can try our translation services for FREE for 300 words!

If you have a large project or if you will come back again for more translations we shall apply our standard discount from 5% to 15% off!


Not just English to French


Certainly, we translate not just English and French. We have over 1000 translators in various languages. So if your project is intended for global audience or if you need to involve many foreign contractors speaking in German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or Russian you will definitely have to translate your documents into multiple languages. We have all the required capacity and human resources to accommodate your project and handle all your documents.


Language Translation for your global communication needs


Languages Spoken in Canada


Business in Canada is beneficial and can be very much profitable if properly communicated to international audience. Canada is just of the many world countries even though it occupies a huge territory, second to Russian Federation. Most probably you will need the translation from English to French and vice versa. It is because there are two official languages spoken in Canada – English and French. Two Americas are speaking in many other languages. Among them are Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages.


Translate Your document, website or video into the Language of your Customer, Contractor or Partner


Diverse Public


Canada has accepted and still been adopting many immigrants from many world countries, including China, Russia, countries of the European Union. Thus the local public becomes very diverse and bearing different languages along with. So even living in one country you still have to interact with many cultures and people from multiple areas of the globe. In this case English language will not be the only means to resort to. You have to be able somehow to speak many other languages as well. Since it’s not possible, unless you are a polyglot, you have to find the professional translation services in Canada.


How to find the best Translation Company in Canada


This may be just a freelancer or a Translation Company. Whatever your choice the language service provider should be qualified and certainly experienced in translation of documents in your field of expertise. Besides, the language services provider must have respective credits and or be certified in language translation in the region. Among other agencies or institutes that the translator or a company should be certified by are ATA, ITI and other local Canadian translators associations.


Please find below the list of countries where you can also find Professional Translation Companies:


Translation Services in USA

Translation Services in UK


Services we provide


We translate all kinds of documents – manuals, reports, records, statistics, articles, prescriptions, etc. We translate and localize websites and provide Video translation – voice and subtitling.


Looking forward to cooperating with you!



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