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PDF Translation Services


No matter where you are located, you may always have an access to high-quality translation services for all your international communication needs! Whether you need translation of documents, or websites or videos, you may rest assured that the final product will meet your requirements and will be completed within your desired deadline and at a reasonable price!

Among other services we provide we also offer PDF document translation services. Actually, it does not so much differ from standard document translation but still it has some nuances and peculiarities. One of such specificity is the format in which the document is provided.


PDF Document Translation


Language Translation Services you would need for your business projects


PDF to MS Word Conversion


In order for us to perform translation we have to first convert the PDF document into some readable format, like MS Word or Power Point or even MS Excel format. Of course Adobe Acrobat files can also be edited to some extent but not so much as to make the translation of the file.


Translation of documents in different formats


Computer Aided Tools


CAT tools can make it possible to translate the document right in the file but it only seems at first site. In essence, any Computer Aided Tool just has an integrated engine which converts the file in some proprietary readable and editable format and then, after translation, converts it back into PDF. That’s why you have a feeling like the translation was done directly in the file. But again, the CAT tools, like SDLX Trados, can only convert the readable text, not any obscure text or blurred images.


Machine Translation versus Human Translation


Characters and Letters matter


In that case we have to use our own proprietary software or other public and common programs like Fine Reader. In order for us to be able to work with the text we have to make it editable. For that we have to use the software which adapts to the text of the original language in the file. It should cope with all kinds of letters and characters, like in Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and all other language alphabets. We translate from English to German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, and many other languages.


Languages we translate pdf documents from and into


Formatting of Translated Text


Most often, when the graphics is involved in the document, we also do the formatting of the translated text and fit all the images back into the file to make it look like brand new and exactly as in the original. Sometimes it is easy to do as there are not many images and the layoutting is not so much sophisticated. But at times we have to do all the work manually and literally put every single image with a few clicks or with some settings for adjustment.


How to find Translation Services in New York


You have to trust your pdf documents, whatever confidential or valuable, to some professional translation company. There are several tips on how to find the best translation services agency in the region. First, this Company should have a rich experience in translation of specifically your type or your subject of the document. Second, it should have all the necessary qualifications to translate in your language. And third, the Company has to have the internationally accepted quality assurance standards.


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