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Simple and Fast or Quality versus Time
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Simple and Fast or Quality versus Time

Simple and Fast or Quality versus Time

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We are bound by time and space. We can neither stretch time nor can we expand the space. We have 24 hours a day at our disposal and that is a universal law. There is a time to be awake and time to rest or sleep.

We are planning our activities, job or visits and hope to accomplish our missions within that limited period of time. Failing to complete all scheduled actions and moves may result in frustration and stress.

Good time planning brings us to real prospects and helps us to consider risks. Risks in planning are normal and most often we have to either postpone our visits or delay the delivery of goods and services. For that any agreement has a section describing such potential risks which may occur due to circumstances of insuperable force.

Life does not always bring us what we expect. Nothing happens on default. In order to provide a good living and well-being for ourselves we have to make all efforts and take all necessary actions within our capacities and abilities. But if the above efforts and actions take most of our time and forces it comes that we become bound by our strivings for a better life.

So to feel at ease and comfortable we do not need to rush headlong to something fancy but to be pleased with what we have now and enjoy life just as it is.

More pleasure or entertainment does not make us happy or satisfied. What really makes us happy and satisfied is our sense of sufficiency of life and things that accepts the circumstances and environment as best or fit for a particular person and situation.

To keep up with present life and local environment one has to understand first that time and space are changing and passing and temporal things shall never fill up our void in our souls.

“It is better to give rather than to take” – is one of the most famous book’s phrase. It is a hint as to what can be not just good and kind or polite but can really and tangibly make you happy. Taking and consuming will never make us truly happy as we try to make happy only ourselves. But when we give we make happy both the person we give to and make ourselves secure, safe, accepted and actually loved!

So the phrase above is not just a good wish but a real life-changing concept for any human being.

In terms of time and space we depend on each other and the more we give the more we get. The more we do good to our neighbors or fellow citizens the more we will reap in future.

Mutual cooperation of people, their common strength and efforts will facilitate the successful accomplishment of any business and industrial project.

Our team’s practice of joint working help us to achieve goals and fulfill the tasks quickly and professionally! Our translators’ background encompasses all translation sectors, from arts and sports to biotech, nanotech and aerospace.

Whether your project requires the translation only between two languages or it is a multilingual project, we are capable of translating actually between any languages. You may need to translate from English to Spanish, from German to English, from French to English, from English to Norwegian, from Dutch to Chinesewhatever the language pair, we shall complete it in a timely and professional manner!

If you have a corporate or business website we can translate and localize your website. Our voice over professionals will interpret and make a captioning for your video.

You are welcome to learn more about our team's work by visiting our website and get a perfect translation of your documents by sending us your project either on-line or to our e-mail.


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