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Merger versus Joint Venture


Intercombase Translation Company

Merger is the uniting of two or more companies into a one new company.

Joint venture is a business arrangements in which two or more parties agree to mutually use their resources for one common goal or task, sharing ownership, interests and revenues.

Presently, market conditions and human ego drives businesses to compete and struggle for a place under the Sun. This fight for prosperity and success makes some happy and some unhappy and offended. Rather than make quarrels or chase competitors the companies may agree to merge and create a one new big company uniting together all their forces, efforts and resources or make a joint venture and keeping independence and self-sufficiency to make achievements and profit by combining each other’s capacities and abilities.

Of course, in order to make a decision for a merger the companies should have a solid foundation for such an action. It may, however, resolve a lot of conflicts between the parties, and, most often turn previous competitors and foes into strong partners who will not just survive or destroy one another but will grow strong and unconquerable in tough market collisions.

Joint Venture is also a perfect answer and a way out for those companies that wish to keep their identity and not lose their individual profit. They may make a mutually beneficial agreement and work together following the agreed rules and conditions. They would not belong to one another as in case of a merger, but would just share their resources and investments for achieving one common goal.

Both merger and joint venture require a lot of communication and rely on good business relations. More often than not such entities have parties from different countries and speaking different languages.

International business is a common thing nowadays. And so it is very crucial and critical to make people unite, merge and link in a friendly and apprehensible manner, without any misunderstandings. One of the institution that is responsible for this very important task is a translation company.

Translation agency must impartially transmit the information between parties and partners in a way that will not offend or insult anybody’s feelings or values.

Also, besides the knowledge and ability to perform proper and faultless communication, any translation services provider should have the professional background in the field that the business parties in question operate in.

Intercombase Translation Services Inc. company is your best option among thousands of other translation providers. We stand out as a bridge between You and that core of professional translation companies and best native-speaking translators who work with us as contractors helping you to build your fortune and business relations.

Due to our experience and background we can and do provide professional English-to-your-language translation in any of your business and industry sectors!

Whether it is English to German or English to Spanish, or English to Japanese, we are here to help you build you solid foundation for the future!


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