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German Language


German Language


German language can be ranked as the second spoken language in Europe because the German language is used by a large part of the European population and also because many languages in Europe have many common roots with German language, like Swiss, Austrian, Danish, and Dutch languages.


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Of course, the major competitor and contender for the first position among languages not only in Europe bust also in the whole world is English. German cannot claim to be the language number one, but still is used and spoken by hundreds of millions of people in Europe and around the globe.


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Those who are living outside of Germany, and that is a great number of people, for example, in Argentina, Brasilia, United States, Canada, all European countries, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and many other countries on all 6 continents, may also speak the language in their local communities and towns with German blocks, quarters, and streets.


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German language has also become a byword for the World War II as Nazi Germany was the inflammation center of the war activities in nineteen forties. After the war was over the Germany was divided into two republics – German Democratic Republic and the Federative Republic of Germany. Two camps – democratic and soviet – existed for decades until the collapse of the Soviet Union. With the fall of the Socialistic Union the border extending for miles that divided these two republics fell too. From that time on the German has become a single and powerful state in Europe.


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All the traces and imprints of the past were either erased or eliminated within a decade or so. The habits, way of living, and mentality that was inhabited from the past soviet times was rapidly and readily changed for the new living and thinking as it exists now. All the previous experience of the country was taken into consideration as the one which should never be repeated.


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Now the German language has its range of expansion within those countries that has accepted the immigrated Germans or people from Germany. For example, a lot of Ashkenazi Jews left Germany for Israel and live now in Israel for generations. Now they speak both German and Hebrew or Yiddish. The same use of languages is applied to all other languages, which speakers immigrated to other countries. One of the major accumulator of immigrants is the United States of America. It has a concentration of people from around the world. You can easily find people there from actually any and all corners of the world map. Of course, you can find there a very large community of German language native speakers, distributed across the entire States, from California to New York and Florida.


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If you look down the map, you can also point out another place where Germans have become local citizens. It is Latin America. People caught up in the war of the twentieth century, left for Brazil and Argentina.


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Australia is another big place where German people have found their place of exile or peace. South Africa is also another big African country where people from Germany do their business.


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Anyway, the German Translation Services is very much demanded in terms of the present day business requirements! Market research shows that German language has taken a high rank among requested languages for translation of documents, websites, and videos!



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