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All or Nothing?
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All or Nothing?

All or Nothing?

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Can we have all things we want and save money at the same time? It is a good question, though!


We may assume that taking on credits will save our deplorable situation. But binding oneself with monthly payments is far from freedom of choice but rather voluntary life-long commitment to indebtedness before banking institutions or people who own them.

Credit score

Of course, credits, loans, mortgages, are the means which most of us use for sustaining our life and for purchasing property, garment, appliances, vehicles, pharmaceutical products or services. Present day global changes affect markets and economies of all countries and force them to invent new and fancy methods and ways to either stay afloat or change the situation radically. The overall and overwhelming havoc results in rising prices, which artificially adds value to trifle and mediocre things.


In order to have something you have to pay the price it costs. It is ridiculous that the standard of life is improving and that progressively but we have to pay higher prices for commodities, which would cost pennies rather pounds. Facing the real life prospect of not having sufficiency to maintaining our own standard of living  - e.g. we need to have devices to keep in touch with the environment and world around us and at the same time we need to top up the credit on those devices – we resort to our last chance – credits.


Credit pushes us upward to the level of owning and using the goods and services we depend on. Of course, we may move to suburbs or villages and stay there for life. But even there you must have a land to live on. And you have to pay for it and maintain it and account for what you are doing on it even though it is your private property.

Reading the above one may assume that it is very hard to live in a present-day world. To some extent, yes! But still there are way which can still save your money and time and make you even happy! There are 10 simple rules that may make you happy and even save your life!

Save your money

  1. Don’t hanker to have and don’t crave for things which you may not afford.
  2. Pay once for things, which are available and affordable for you for a one-time payment.
  3. You may also use second-hand things that are in an operable condition. E.g. Japan sells their cars to Russia where they use them for years.
  4. Keep garment, tools, furniture, vehicles in good condition so that it could serve you for a long period of time.
  5. If some of your equipment failed or failing try to fix it. A lot of people around you do the same, and by the way, still us their cars, refrigerators, office equipment, computers, etc.
  6. If you need something urgent, like goods of prime necessity, try to borrow them from your friends or neighbors.
  7. Keep good relationships with your friends, colleagues and neighbors – on some occasions it may even save your life!
  8. If you still need money, ask your friends to lend you some for a time.
  9. Go to bank for a credit only as a last resort.
  10. Return the due amount to bank as soon as possible (according to internal bank rules).


Do we have to follow the same or similar concepts in language translation? Sure! Companies or any other legal entities will search for a cost-effective but professional service. Of course, to be sure about the quality of translation you also must be sure about the sufficient budget in your pocket that would cover all your expenses for the services rendered by a translation company.

Good or high quality requires the availability of respective budget. But as a Client you may ask: is there then, any way to save money and still get a professional translation? Yes, sure, there is!


Translation companies, same as individuals, may adhere to their individual concepts and rules. In a rush for a bigger income, translation companies may loose a lot of clients who cannot afford to pay for their services.

Intercombase Translation Services Inc. is just the company that can meet your language translation needs and provide professional yet affordable translation services for your business, industry and life!

Our range of translation services include document translation, website translation, drawing translation, software translation, voice over, subtitling, typesetting, copywriting, and more!

We translate between all major world languages – both European and Asian languages.

Considering the global market challenges the companies need more communication and thus translation between languages, from English to German, from English to French, from English to Spanish, from English to Italian, from English to Dutch, from English to Norwegian, from English to Russian, and more languages!

To learn more about how you can save your money and get a professional translation of your documents and websites, please visit our website and drop us a line!



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