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3 things to consider when looking for Translation Agency
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3 things to consider when looking for Translation Agency

3 things to consider when looking for Translation Agency

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Translation Agency for your multitasking


Are you looking for translation services vendor to manage your international business projects? Have found yourself trapped in a maze of multiple tasks requiring immediate response?


Definitely, there is a way out! And you can easily find one!


Speaking about the language related tasks, the perfect solution to your multitasking issues will be the Translation Agency. If you find a good translation provider you would not need to worry about any kind of international communication hassle which every such project can be tinted with.


Translation Services Company


Experience in Translation


Firs thing that you have to pay attention to first is the Company’s portfolio. It includes the past and present experience, references, qualifications, certifications (if any), and any possible credibility records online (if there are ones).


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Work with Translators


Before you start looking at the experience of any specific company it would be wise to check first all the available records or blue boards of the company’s requests for translators or any translator’s feedback as to how the agency treated the translator or how it managed the payment for translation jobs.

Of course, some of the companies just hire in-house translators to work on salaries instead of being paid for the so many translated words. In this case it would be difficult for you to evaluate their cooperation and interaction with translator. But if the agency uses freelance translators heavily, you may find some information somewhere on blue boards located on Translatorscafe or Proz.


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The way the company treats its translators may also affect the quality of the provided translation services.

Also, you can check the experience and at the same time credibility of the particular translation agency by the online presence and the comments people leave about the services they received from the provider. Some of the comments you can find on the agency’s website. But you also can find the requested information in social networks (like LinkedIn) or on professional platforms.


I need to translate from Norwegian to English for lower price


Client Oriented


References is another important and at times critical element in making your decision as to what company to choose among hundreds. You may obtain them by checking it online. Any respected agency would publish at least some of the permitted contacts or reviews made by their clients. Also, you can look up for customer related information on other websites. Or you can just request for the interested information directly from the Agency.


I have a document to translate from English to Korean




You can also check for any certifications the company in question may have. Among others, the most popular certification is an ISO certification. EN certification has been designed for EU based agencies. There are also many other translators’ associations and institutes where the company can be registered at. ATA is the USA based institute and the ITI is based in UK. They register and certify translators and agencies for translating the documents, websites and videos.


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Translation Process


Translation Process is important for checking if the company can really manage translation project you have or whether the agency can handle the volume of work you would like to assign to them. The process should be easy and simple both for the company itself and for the client.


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Normally, the translation process includes several preliminary steps and the translation progress check. Prior to commencement, the client has to approve the price and the terms and conditions set for the particular job. The company should assign or allocate one or two translators depending on the number of words to be translated, subject matter, and the lead-time agreed between the parties. The translated file should be checked at least once (unless agreed to proofread the text as an individual service) by the second translator. When the editing or proofreading agreed upon the target text should also be checked by a qualified linguist proficient in translation and editing of specific terminology and subject. He should be absolutely knowledgeable of the area of expertise the text is about. This will guarantee the high-quality of the final product.


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Price Quote


And final but not less important factor for determining the proficiency and quality of the company is the price for the provided services. In essence, the price can never be the absolute determinant of the excellence of translation. It rather indicates the expenses the company will have when managing your tasks. The more the company charges the more obvious that company will use the best translator possible for your project, and definitely use the 2 or 3 level quality check. But you can also find companies with less prices but with no less quality.





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