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How to find a professional translator in translation market

Professional Translation Services

When you are looking for professional translation services, more often than not you can do a lot of mistakes.

Look for the company which provides a full range of services in project management and has the linguists working in the extensive range of specialization. You have to keep both eyes open with the agencies that declare confidently that they are experts in everything. If the bureau makes not clear statements about their great competence in technical translation, ask them to detail the branch: in the machine building or design, the electric power or chemical industry? May they offer projects that have been already finished? Do they have recommendations capable to confirm it?


Professional Translation Agency

The professional translation agency can do editing and copy reading. These are the standard works, and it is quite clear, that only they make it possible to guarantee the high quality of texts. Besides, many companies meet also other additional needs of clients — both current, and future — from copywriting to desktop publishing services.


Translation Process

Also, it is worth being convinced that the chosen by you performer works with computer aided translation tools (CAT). At the present stage, this is also the standard of translating. The mechanism of work of such programs is based on repeatability of parts of the text. And, by the way, don't confuse CAT-tools with machine translation: the first are used by the qualified experts with the corresponding linguistic education for the purpose to increase accuracy and efficiency that at the same time decreases the expenses of the customer.


Translation Handling

The original document sent by the customer is broken into segments with the help of software tools. After that, the analogs of each translated segment are found in the translation memory (TM-the database of all ever translated texts), and the most matching one is offered. In turn, the translator confirms the offered option, corrects it in his way, or translates a unique segment himself. According to the described scheme, it is obvious that only the professional translator takes decision on what variant must be chosen – this is the main difference between CAT and machine text making. In also should be noted, that experts use electronic dictionaries and special glossaries in their work.


Professional Approach

Even when the customer has already decided who the performer will be, it is important not to forget about other dangers. You have to specify the performance time ahead. Large texts can't be processed in a day. The document needs to be prepared for the work properly. If you are not able to do it yourself, the professional translation agency can offer such kind of service at extra cost. Material has to be presented in the acceptable format (.doc or .docx, better than all), shouldn't contain mistakes, typographical errors, unnecessary tautologies. Therefore, before sending to work the text has to be copyread.

And, at last, clearly and accurately explain to the manager what is necessary for you.

The perfect vision of your aims determines that the order will be fulfilled completely.


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