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Environmental crisis - past and future!

Environmental crisis - past and future!


English Spanish translation in environmental issues resolution

Present-day technologies, oil and gas production fields, manufacturing, waste disposal, chemical production plants, refineries, and all other industrial facilities that exude harmful fumes and substances are making a great impact on the environment by stuffing the atmosphere with chemical compounds absolutely incompatible for humans and all other living creatures. 

Within the last two centuries the industries and technologies have greatly advanced in discovering new ways and methods of making our life easier and more comfortable. The researches brought scientists to finding brilliant solutions to our day-to-day challenges. 

Inventors patented thousands of new technologies, devices and tools that would supposedly change the world for better. Engineers devised new approaches to coping with food and fuel demand. People invented multitude of appliances for meeting our natural needs and made them accessible for actually everyone on the globe. 

We have airplanes flying in the sky, ships sailing across oceans, space-shuttles hovering over the earth, vehicles driving thousands of miles. In order to create, manufacture, and launch the above mentioned transportation means it is required to cast iron, make plastic, manufacture a host of devices, motors and machines, produce fuel, oils and various chemicals.

We have cut a lot of green forests in jungles in order to cultivate the single-use GMO crops. It made the food supply a little easier and more accessible (even though still there are millions of people starving) but greatly impacted natural cycles and functions.

To move the vehicles, launch the space rockets, take off the airplanes, sail the ships, it is required to fill them all with fuel which production entails great environmental disasters, like cracking of Gulf-Stream, pollution of thousands of square meters with crude oil leaks across oceans, and emission of hazardous gases into the atmosphere.

Deterioration of Ozone layer, extinction of animal species, burning of green forests, global warming, and other disastrous effects have occurred within last several decades due to the boom in technologies and its spread all over the world.

Easy does not mean harmless. Of course, natural living may not be quite easy and takes some efforts. But eventually the natural way of living does not lead to distraction of that very nature that we live in!

Certainly, there are ways to avoid present and future environmental distraction. We can use technologies which do not require to tap crude oil, fill tanks with gasoline, eradicate green forests. We can use them and they are available. It depends on us and those who patented them.

Environmental challenges are discussed in different countries. They are discussed in EU, USA, UK, and other countries. People with different opinions and views gather for mutual resolution of everyday problems of pollution and emission of gases which cause global warming.

The above problems are discussed in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and other languages.

To reach everyone in the audience or in the conference it is required to have a Spanish English translation available. 

In order to have a high-quality English to Spanish translation one has to look for a professional translation agency or a Spanish translator specializing in English Spanish translation of Environmental issues.