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Do you believe?


In order to recognise the lie we need to know the truth. To understand and see that we put our faith in something wrong and inadequate we have to learn first the real things, we have to know that we are wrong.


It is one of the most difficult things to admit that our perception of reality or information that we received is incorrect. Even when we acknowledge the fact that we missed the point or made a blunder we still try to justify ourselves and make all efforts to appear wise and clever.


One error in text message, one mistake in our actions, and one omission in a speech may result in disaster affecting many people and lives.


Thus the responsibility for words we speak and write is tremendous. We should be accountable to one another in order to know about ourselves and check if the decision we make are good enough not only for those who make it but also for those who are involved or are around.


Since the authenticity and verification of information is critical we should employ, use and apply the means and resources which would guarantee not only safety and security of information (for storage) but also the true and correct transmission of the information in question.


It is of a bigger concern when it relates to communication between different languages. The issue grows hundredfold when we miss the point of our interlocutor from different country or culture. Person who conveys the meaning from one language to another we call translator.


Professional translator is a perfect and valuable asset for business growth and prosperity. It is important for translator to know the subject matter of conversation, text or speech. Reliable translator is the one with at least 5 years of experience and perfect knowledge of not only linguistics specifics of another language but also the cultural and ethical varieties. Since English language has become an international language, good English translators are very much demanded and more often used.

Intercombase English Translation is your professional means which you can use and employ or contract to get a perfect understanding of your business partner, client or just a friend.


We provide professional translation in all major world languages, from English to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and more!


Never miss the point in your business ventures, never lose the logical path in your communication, never omit any valuable details in your relations.


We can help you save your values and improve your business relations!